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Understanding the VWAP Stop Filter

This is Trade-Ideas adaptive stock algorithm looking at the high and low of any given stock along with near-term anchored VWAP to come up with calculated risk levels. This filter generates a specific dollar value indicating a recommended stop level positioned outside the VWAP.

VWAP Stop Chart

VWAP Stop Filter Settings

The settings of each Trade Ideas filter are defined in the Window Specific Filters Tab located in the Configuration Window of your Alert/Top List Window.

Here is how to setup the filter in your configuration window:

  • Set the max value to $1 to see stocks with a VWAP stop level of $1 or less.

VWAP Stop Settings

Using the VWAP Stop Filter

Several trading strategies can be employed with the VWAP Stop filter. Here are a few examples:

Trend Trading: Traders may use the VWAP stop filter to confirm trends. For example, if the price consistently trades above the VWAP and the VWAP is sloping upward, traders may look for buying opportunities with stop levels below the VWAP to manage risk in case of a reversal.

Mean Reversion: Conversely, traders may use the VWAP stop filter to identify mean reversion opportunities. If the price deviates significantly from the VWAP, indicating overbought or oversold conditions, traders may take contrarian positions with stop levels set on the opposite side of the VWAP.

Breakout Trading: During periods of consolidation or range-bound trading, traders may use the VWAP stop filter to identify breakout opportunities. They may place stop levels outside the VWAP to capitalize on potential momentum shifts following a breakout from the trading range.


What factors should I consider when setting the VWAP stop level?

  • Consider the stock's volatility, recent price movements, your risk tolerance, and the overall market conditions. Additionally, analyze how far the price typically deviates from the VWAP and adjust your stop level accordingly.

How often should I adjust the VWAP stop level?

  • It depends on your trading strategy and time horizon. Traders may choose to adjust their stop levels periodically throughout the trading day as the VWAP changes or in response to significant price movements.

Can the VWAP stop filter be used in combination with other indicators or strategies?

  • Yes, traders often combine the VWAP stop filter with other technical indicators, such as moving averages, support and resistance levels, or momentum oscillators, to enhance their trading decisions and risk management.

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