Position in 9 Month Range

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These filters compare the current price to the prices of the previous 3, 6, or 9 months.

These use the same scale as the other position in range filters. 0% means that the stock is currently trading at the lowest price that it has traded in the 3, 6 or nine months. 100% means that the stock is trading at the highest price of that time frame.

These filters are similar to the Position in Previous Day’s range filter, because they do not look at today’s data when they calculate the range. If the current stock price is $10, and the highest price in the previous 3 months was $9, then the value of this filter will be above 100%. If the current price is less than the lowest price of the last 3 months, then this filter will have a negative value.

The current price is based on the last print. There is no smoothing or averaging. These filters update before, during, and after market hours.

Filter Info for Position in 9 Month Range [R9MO]

  • description = Position in 9 Month Range
  • keywords =
  • units = %
  • format = 1
  • toplistable = 1
  • parent_code = R3MO