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These filters look for a consolidation pattern on a daily stock chart.  These look at the daily candles for the previous 40 trading days.  These do not look at today’s data.

You can select the minimum and/or maximum size of a stock’s consolidation pattern.  For example, set the minimum consolidation to 7 to see only strong consolidation patterns.  Or set the maximum consolidation to 3 to see only stocks which have not had any significant consolidation.  The longest consolidation we can report is 40 days.  However, these very high numbers mostly report strange and unusual cases.  If you are looking at consolidations, you may want to set your maximum to 25 days or lower to see more ordinary patterns.

To find consolidations on an intra-day basis, look at the Consolidation, Channel breakout, and Channel breakdown alerts, described above.

More information about consolidation: Size of Consolidation

Relevant scans:  4 Day Consolidation, 5 Day Consolidation, 6 Day Consolidation, 7 Day Consolidation, Longer Consolidation.

Filter Info for Consolidation [ConDays]

  • description = Consolidation
  • keywords = Changes Daily  
  • units = Days
  • format = 0
  • toplistable = 1
  • parent_code =