Position in Bollinger Bands (Daily)

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These filters compare the price of the last print to the 20 period Bollinger Bands.  This corresponds to the "%b" formula found at http://www.bollingerbands.com/.  0 means that the last print touches the lower Bollinger Band, 100 means the last print touches the upper Bollinger Band.  Values can be can be higher, lower, or in between 0 and 100.

These filters are similar to the three pairs of position in range filters above.  The difference is that these filters use statistical analysis to determine the top and bottom of the ranges.  The previous filters use an absolute high and low, possibly only two prints, to set the range.

Relevant scans:  Near Bollinger Bands.

Filter Info for Position in Bollinger Bands (Daily) [Boll]

  • description = Position in Bollinger Bands (Daily)
  • keywords =
  • units = %
  • format = 1
  • toplistable = 1
  • parent_code = Boll5