Standard Deviation

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These filters are similar to the Min / Max Up from the Close (Bars) filters.  Both sets of filters compare the current stock price to the previous closing price.  Both sets of filters use each stock’s volatility to normalize the data.  The previous pair of filters uses our standard formula for intra-day volatility.  These filters use Bright Trading’s formula for daily volatility.

For example, set the min to -1 and the max to 1 to see only stocks which have moved less since the previous close than the stock usually moves in a day.  Or set the max to -3 and leave the min blank to see stocks which have moved down a significant amount since the close.

See the Standard deviation breakout alerts for more details on this formula.

Filter Info for Standard Deviation [BB]

  • description = Standard Deviation
  • keywords =
  • units = Standard Deviations
  • format = 3
  • toplistable = 1
  • parent_code =