Average Directional Index

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These filters look at the Average Directional Index, or ADX, for a stock.  These look at a daily chart and use a 14 period smoothing factor.

The ADX is traditionally used to determine if a stock is trending or not. Values less than 25 indicate a sideways or choppy motion.  Values between 30 and 50 typically indicate a strong trend.  Values can be anywhere between 0 and 100, but very large values are unusual, and they denote stocks doing very unusual things.

Relevant scans:  Stocks Moving Sideways (ADX), Strong Stock Trend (ADX).

Filter Info for Average Directional Index [ADX]

  • description = Average Directional Index
  • keywords = Changes Daily  
  • units = %
  • format = 1
  • toplistable = 1
  • parent_code =