Change From 10 Period SMA (15m)

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These filters compare the price of the last print for a stock to that of the 10 period simple moving average.  These SMA’s are determined on 2, 5, 15 and 60 minute time-frames.

A positive number means that the current price is above the moving average.  A negative number means the current price is below the moving average.

The values entered for these filters are percentage (%).  The formula is (Percent Change) = ((Last Price) - (SMA)) / (SMA) * 100.

The 10 period SMA is a great measure of short-term momentum on both the daily chart and the 15 minute chart. If momentum is going to continue the price will not cross this moving average. If momentum is beginning to stall, a closing candle on the other side of this moving average could signal loss of momentum for the time being.

Filter Info for Change From 10 Period SMA (15m) [15SmaLa10]