1 Minute Volume Spike

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This alert shows when a stock has an unusual amount of volume.  This is similar to the high relative volume alert, but the timeframe is different.  This alert only looks at one minute candles.  Like the high relative volume alert, this compares recent volume for an alert to a historical baseline, and that baseline can vary from one stock to the next and from one time of day to the next.

You can set the minimum amount of volume required to set off this alert, as described below.

This alert is most useful with stocks that trade a lot.  For thinly traded stocks there is not enough historical data to set up a good baseline.  A surprising number of stocks typically trade less than once every minute.  For these stocks, almost any print would look unusual.  The server attempts to smooth this out, but there is only so much it can do in a one minute time frame.  If you are looking for stocks like that, you should use our other alerts and filters which work on a longer time frame.

Alert Info for 1 Minute Volume Spike [VS1]

  • description = 1 minute volume spike
  • direction =
  • keywords = Fixed Time Frame  
  • flip_code =
  • parent_code =