Trailing Stop, Volatility Down

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These alerts are similar to the ones above, but these are triggered by volatility, not percent.  This makes it easier to use just one filter value for a lot of stocks.  This also prevents the same stocks from reporting a lot every day, while other stocks never report.  Stocks which are move volatile will have to move further to set of an alert.

These alerts use the same volatility measurements that we use throughout the system.  One "bar" is the amount that a stock typically moves between each bar of a 15 minute bar chart.

These alerts will first report when a stock moves an entire bar off of its last high or low. Additional alerts will appear each time the stock continues in the same direction for another 1/2 bar.

Some traders prefer the % versions of these alerts because the math is easier; they can see exactly what the alert is doing.  In most cases we recommend that you use the volatility versions of these alerts.  Let our servers do your homework for you; let us tell you how large a move has to be before it is considered interesting.  That way you'll get the right value for every stock, and the values will be updated every night.  Look up a stock in our stock screener if you want to know the exact value of a volatility bar for that stock.

More options related to these alerts are listed below.

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