Running Down

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Understanding the Running Down Alert

This alert will only be reported when the price makes a clear, statistically validated move downwards. It will not be reported every time the price of the last print moves by the price displayed on the screen. Otherwise, random noise would cause this alert to be reported more often. To assist daytraders, this alert works on a time scale of approximately one minute. Bad prints are filtered out, and will not cause this alert to appear.

Default Settings

By default, the running down alert will appear a stock price is moving down very quickly. The exact number of basis points required to set off this alert depends on the volatility of the underlying security.

Stock with Running Down

Scan with Running Down Alert

Custom Settings

For 'Running Down' alerts, you have the option to use an alert specific filter. This filter is located immediately to the right of the corresponding alert and is always optional. You can decide to leave it blank if you want to receive more alerts, or you can fill it in to restrict the number of alerts you receive.

This filter allows you to specify the quality of the alert. When you set a higher number for this filter, you are telling the alerts server to display only alerts that meet a higher quality standard, resulting in fewer alerts being shown.

Running Down Alert Custom Settings

When setting an alert for 'Running Down', users can filter the short term running up alert based on how exceptional the chart pattern is.

The alerts server continuously measures the momentum of the stock (in dollars per minute) and compares that to the stock's volatility. Based on the volatility of the stock, the alerts server determines a minimum threshold. Setting this filter to 1 displays all alerts that meet this minimum threshold. Setting this filter to 1.5 displays only the stocks with momentum at least 50% greater than the minimum required by the alerts server. Larger values require proportionally more momentum.

The default for this filter is to allow all alerts. A value less than or equal to 1 means the same thing. A value of 4 discards approximately 2/3 of the alerts, and only shows the most extraordinary 1/3 of the alerts. A value of 10 discarded approximate 99% of the alerts. There is no absolute maximum value."0.60".

Description Column

The description of each alert includes the size of the move. Roughly speaking, this number shows how much the price has changed in the last minute. However, the alert will be reported as soon as the underlying security meets the minimum criteria, which may take less than one minute. Often the price continues to run in the same direction, so the final size will be larger than the size reported.

Running Down Description

Quality Column

Using Trade-Ideas proprietary algorithm and referencing a stocks historical baseline for movement, the quality value can start at 1 and have no maximum value. A value of 4 shows the most extraordinary 1/3 of the alerts. A value of 10 ensures only the top 1% of the alerts will be triggered.

Running Down Quality

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