5 Minute Linear Regression Up Trend

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These alerts are based on the entry signals taught by Precision Trading System.  This system reports high probability trades based on the way stocks typically move in a linear regression channel.  For details about this system, contact Precision Trading System.

For each stock we perform short and long term linear regression analysis.  We use the longer term linear regression to form a channel, and tell us where the stock is likely to move.  We use the shorter term linear regression to show us the stock's current momentum.  When a stock starts moving from one side of the channel to the other, we report an alert.

These alerts do not report exactly the same signals described by Precision Trading System.  We recommend that you use these alerts to find interesting stocks, then examine the charts yourself to verify that these match your trading criteria.  Each type of alert is based on signals from a single chart, however you may want to check additional charts for confirmation.

You can filter these alerts based on the amount of room left in the channel.  See below for details.

Alert Info for 5 Minute Linear Regression Up Trend [PEU5]