High Relative Volume

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This alert appears when a stock is trading on higher volume than normal.  Normal volume is based on the average volume of the stock on several recent days, at the same time of day.  Historical volume data is broken into 15 minute intervals.  Current volume must be up a minimum of 50% over the historical average before this alert is reported.  If the current volume is at least 3 times the historical average, the alert description includes "very high relative volume".  Current volume may be smoothed out; if volume in one time period is below average, it will take more volume to cause this alert in adjacent time periods.  Distant time periods also affect each other, but to a lesser degree.

This alert is related to the current volume filters.

More options related to this alert are listed below.

Alert Info for High Relative Volume [HRV]

  • description = High relative volume
  • direction =
  • keywords = Volume Confirmed  
  • flip_code =
  • parent_code =