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The Heartbeat alert is different from the other alert types because it is based primarily on time.  Most alerts are set off by a print or a change to a stock's level 1 information.  Each stock gets one Heartbeat alert every 5 minutes with little regard for any market data.

The user must select at least one alert type in each alert window.  Adding alert types requests more data for the window.  Adding filters to a window makes the request more specific, so the window will show less data.  If you want to see every stock which matches certain filters, select the Heartbeat alerts, and the desired filters.  This allows you to use Trade-Ideas like a traditional stock screener.

More options related to this alert are listed below.

Alert Info for Heartbeat [HB]

  • description = Heartbeat
  • direction =
  • keywords =
  • flip_code =
  • parent_code =