Inverted Check Mark

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Understanding the Inverted Check Mark Alert

The inverted check mark pattern is defined as a lower low followed by a move upwards followed by even lower lows. This pattern is most commonly seen as a continuation pattern.

This pattern is based on daily highs and lows. The exchanges report highs and lows almost exclusively during market hours, so these alerts rarely if ever occur after market. We never report this alert before the open or in the first three minutes after the open. The last part of the check mark must happen at least three minutes after the open.

Default Settings

By default, the inverted check mark alert will be triggered when a stock exhibits a distinctive inverted checkmark continuation pattern—characterized by an initial downward surge, a subsequent run-up, and finally, a reinforced downward movement.

Stock with Inverted Checkmark Alert

Scan with Inverted Checkmark Alert

Description Column

The description column will give you more details on this alert.

Inverted Checkmark Alert description

Alert Info for Inverted Check Mark [CMD]