Crossed Below VWAP

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Understanding the Crossed Below VWAP Alert

VWAP is an indicator that stands for Volume-Weighted Average Price. VWAP is calculated by taking into account both the price and the volume of trades over a specific time period. The VWAP is often used by institutions to grade their traders. The VWAP can also be used to set prices on institutional orders.

Traders may look at how the current market price compares to the VWAP to gauge whether a stock is trading above or below the average price and make trading decisions based on this information.

This alert is similar to the "Crossed below open (confirmed)" alert. This alert uses the same statistical analysis of the price, but compares the price to the VWAP.

Default Settings

By default, the Crossed Below VWAP alert appears when the price of a stock crosses below its Volume-Weighted Average Price.

Stock with Crossed Below VWAP Alert

Scan with Crossed Below VWAP Alert

Description Column

The description column will report at which price the stock crossed below its VWAP.

Crossed Below VWAP Alert Description

Alert Info for Crossed Below VWAP [CBVC]