Crossed Above Resistance

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These alerts appear whenever a stock crosses important support and resistance lines.  These are similar to their volume confirmed counterparts.  Both sets of alerts use the same definition of support and resistance, and the exact same lines.  The volume confirmed versions of the alerts require more proof that the price has really crossed the support or resistance line.  These alerts require less confirmation than their volume confirmed counterparts, so we typically report them sooner.

Support and resistance are particularly sensitive to noise.  By definition, support and resistance are places where the stock price spends a lot of time.  The stock does not stay at one exact price, but it moves around near that price.  If we just drew a line right through the middle of support or resistance, and reported every time the stock made a single print on the wrong side of the line, we would generate too many alerts.

These alerts are similar to looking at a 1 minute stock graph.  The volume confirmed versions of these alerts are similar to looking at a 15 minute stock graph.

More options related to these alerts are listed below.

Alert Info for Crossed Above Resistance [CAR]