Crossed Above Open (confirmed)

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Understanding the Crossed Above Open Confirmed Alert

This alert presents information similar to its unconfirmed counterpart. Each time the price of the last print crosses the open, the preceding unconfirmed alert appears. The advantage of this is that the messages are instant, and the last message shows the current direction of the market. The disadvantage is that it is noisy. If the price stays near the open, many alerts will appear.

The alert listed here requires statistical confirmation before it appears. This filters out noise, but requires a slight delay. This analysis involves price, time, and volume. If the price continues to move around the open, this alert may never appear. Once the price chooses a direction the exact amount of time required for the alert to appear depends on volume.

The statistical analysis does not require that every print cross the open before the alert is displayed. The analysis filters out insignificant prints that go against the general trend. It is even possible, although unlikely, that the last print disagrees with the analysis as a whole.

Default Settings

By default, the crossed above open (confirmed) alert will appear when the price of the last print crosses above the open at a sufficient price, time, and volume.

Stock with crossed above open (confirmed) alert

Scan with crossed above open (confirmed) Alert

Description Column

The description column of this alert will report the price at which the stock crossed above the open and that is was confirmed by volume.

crossed above open (confirmed) Alert description

Alert Info for Crossed Above Open (confirmed) [CAOC]